Entertainment Law

The Law Offices of Danielle E. Grabois represent creative professionals in the entertainment industry.    Danielle E. Grabois provides personalized and detailed attention to your matter, taking pride in representing you as an artist or creative professional.  Ms. Grabois provides the ideal foundation for negotiating, and protecting rights of performers, creative talent and professionals in the industry.

Ms. Grabois will protect your intellectual property, titles, copyrights and trademarks.   Furthermore, the Law Offices of Danielle E. Grabois can help you with future merchandising ventures and opportunities, publishing, advertising and marketing, promotions and sponsorships, Internet, social networking,  and other new technology and new media commercial exploitation.

Ms. Grabois takes pride in being accessible to artists at an early stage in their career; and she develops long lasting relationships with her clients. By helping artists make good decisions early in their careers and enter into solid agreements Ms. Grabois can help her clients’ careers grow to its highest potential.

If  you have a contract you need to review or negotiate; a copyright issue; want to sell the rights to a product you own; or more, contact The Law Offices of Danielle E. Grabois!  Ms. Grabois will do her best to make sure you are getting the best!

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