Employment Law

Your job is your livelihood. It puts food on the table. It pays the rent. It may even help finance your child’s college education one day. You show up on time. You work late when there’s a deadline. And you do your best to succeed. To lose your job or not get paid correctly could have serious, long-term consequences for you and those who depend on you.

You, the employee, have certain rights.  In most cases, for example, your employer has to pay you the minimum wage. And, with some exceptions, your employer must provide you with regular breaks, overtime pay, workers’ compensation insurance, unemployment insurance and time off for a serious illness or new baby. Your employer cannot force women to wear dresses to work, in many instances, or expect employees to tolerate sexually degrading posters displayed in the office.  If you are a person with a disability, your employer may be required to make changes in your workplace to assist you in performing the essential functions of your job.

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